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Hi, I'm Phil.

Ever feel like your business is stalling? Like you're stomping the gas pedal and it just won't go any faster?

Many of my clients have been there. It's not a great place to be - in fact for some, it can be more frustrating than their business failing, and not knowing why.

Over the past 5 years of working as a copywriter (i.e. guy who writes ads that sell you things), I developed a reliable method that helps your business do what you want it to do.

In fact, using precisely these methods I generated about $8 million in closed deals for my clients. 1

That's an untapped advantage you can have over your competition, as soon as tomorrow. Because what you're likely missing isn't manpower, time, or even money... but the right information.

Wisdom and knowledge to use resources you already have to double, triple, or further multiply your money. But that's only part of what I do; the most visible part. The sales letters and emails and chatbots and what have you.

Along with that, I consult and advise businesses on how they can use systems and process thinking, to automate and scale. And this touches on three key areas:

  • Sales automation, so you can relax and sit back while your product sells itself.

  • Customer satisfaction, keeping your customers happy and selling them on more of what you have.

  • Customer support, so every single customer gets the high-level service that originally sealed the deal.

All this is based on tested and proven methods developed into a complete system of influence & persuasion. Or as I like to call it, Cognitive Engineering. 2

  1. Figure is non-specific due to currency exchanges, taxes, fluctuating asset valuations, etc.  

  2. Used to call it "hypnotic copywriting", but alas, it didn't sell well because most people don't know the scientific side of hypnosis - sometimes rebranding is the easiest way. 

And here's what they, and others, have said...

Phil is the e-mail surgeon. He diagnosed all the problems and mistakes I made in my e-mail, and corrected them with precision. He turned it into a hit.

-- Chris

Phil wrote a promotional video script for me, and I couldn't be happier with it. It really took the guesswork out of putting my best foot forward. Having good copy to work with really helps to take the jitters out of giving video presentations!

-- Eliza Marie

I contacted Phil about cold-mails for my new offer. Within just an hour, we had developed a thorough idea of what we're aiming at, and written warm, professional messages that hit the target in every respect.

-- Nick, Your Social Pal

I am very impressed and VERY happy

-- Lisa Miller

Phil dissected my email like a well trained surgeon and immediately improved it. Thanks to Phil my email is much better

-- Mark Kington

Phil helped us see where our app fits into the market and to put our best foot forward with the launch. Highly recommend his services for anyone who wants to get the word out in the right way!

-- David

Phil's the real deal. He's a straight shooter, and so he'll only tell you what he really thinks. I learned a lot from this dude. Hire him!

-- Deric Fok

Phil is best summed up as my secret weapon. An absolute asset to me and my business.

From engaging his services initially to this very day has been a smart move - the man saved me more time than I can calculate and his content and copy is always on point, in my voice and does everything it needs to and more.

More than once I've benefited from his computer like brain and from some of the strategies he has suggested and implemented I've been able to triple the fees of our membership area.

If you're looking for content, copy or a strong strategy to make sales - I can highly recommend you use his services and watch your ROI and revenue skyrocket.

-- Pete Dunn

Phil's consulting is fantastic. He saved me from hours of labor and lost prospects by fixing my email marketing campaign in one fell swoop. His advice is specific, to the point, and field-tested.

-- Dan Kozlov

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