Who are you?The Copytist

  • Magician, hypnotist, copywriter.
  • Living in Krakow, Poland.
  • Happily married.
  • Working to make life as simple as possible.

Magic?Bust of Athena

Yes. The ritual kind, aiming at eliciting mystical experiences.

I’ve worked with everything from Christian Mysticism through Yogic and Tantrik approaches. All the way to the really weird Scientology stuff.

Got quite a lot out of it. But I eventually decided it’s rather irrelevant. Especially when compared to more direct methods of change work and self-management.


I worked part-time as a hypnotherapist, and have been studying the topic. Hypnosis is a very major influence on all human interactions, regardless of us knowing it.

Hypnosis catalyzes therapeutic processes. It’s proved itself time and time again that it’s one of the best ways to approach personal change.

…we find that for psychoanalysis we can expect a recovery rate of 38% after approximately 600 sessions. For Wolpian therapy [behavioral therapy], we can expect a recovery rate of 72% after an average of 22 sessions, and for hypnotherapy we can expect a recovery rate of 93% after an average of 6 sessions.

– Alfred A. Barrios, PhD

Amongst others, I’ve trained with:

Roy Hunter – Parts Therapy

Roy Hunter - Hypnosis - Parts Therapy Persuasion

Ron Eslinger – Hypnotic Pain Management

Ron Eslinger - Hypnotic Pain Management

Michael Cieślakowski – OMNI Basic-Advanced Hypnosis Training

OMNI Basic Advanced Hypnosis Training

I’m also trained and proficient in:

  • The Simpson Protocol
  • Analogue Hypnosis
  • Business Hypnosis
  • Medical Hypnosis
  • Ericksonian (Covert) Hypnosis

Where does copy fit into all of this?

When I started doing hypnotherapy, I started getting more and more demoralized and depressed by what I was hearing from my clients.

At the beginning, everything was fine. Yet with time, I started losing faith in humanity. There are things in our society which simply shouldn’t be happening.

So I looked for something that wouldn’t be as much of an emotional burden. Since I was already skilled in talking people out of their problems, I figured marketing wouldn’t be a big change… and I was right.

Now, I don’t know much about web design or development, I’m not skilled with computers.

The one thing I am actually good at, is words.