Does Typing Speed Matter?

No. No, it doesn't.

I see this question asked a lot, especially by people who wish to offer me hourly pay.

If you're like me, and you don't type very fast, it doesn't matter at all.

On average, I type at about 60 words per minute (WPM). That is hardly fast.

Let's even round it down to 50, for easy maths.

Let's assume you're a freak, and you need to write 4,000 words/day. No reasonable writer is going to write that much, but a lot of people in the lower rungs of content writing do that, and much more.

There are people that I'm aware of who write upwards of 10k words/day, simply to make ends meet. But that's a story and lesson for another time.

I don't write much. In fact, writing direct response copy means I need to write less. As little as possible, in fact.

The vast majority of all work is mental. There's no "let's write how we'll write, and plan things out in meticulous detail" thing.

It's just, come up with ideas, keep some notes (which you don't have to type – copypasting exists!), and then write all those ideas in as concise and provocative a form you can. Is it difficult? Hell yes. At the same time, it's also much less typing than one would expect.

It's a hell of a lot of thinking, reading, researching and all the other non-typing tasks.

For every super-specific weird claim that I make in my copy, I spend maybe 5-10 seconds actually typing. Everything else is research, finding studies, expert interviews… all sorts of things.

Which brings me back to typing speed.

It doesn't matter. Not unless you're transcribing, which you likely aren't. And if you are, you're already likely using a stenography setup.

Bottom line is: you type fine.

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