Easy Way To Hustle Up Copy Clients

Let’s talk about what matters.


Money matters a lot.

If you’re well-positioned already, you likely have clients chasing after you.

But not everyone is.

So what do you do?

At some point, you have to get money NOW NOW NOW

And that’s all nice and good, but the reality is, even if you’re good at writing direct respose…

You might not know how to sell yourself.

It’s rather different when a client runs traffic to your copy, and it converts well.

You don’t need to think about how to get people to the copy then.

Traffic isn’t important.

But here’s the deal.

When you write for clients, that’s inbound marketing.

You’re not really reaching out to contact them – you’re buying ads they need to click first.

And then an opt-in, email sequence, landing page, upsell, etc.

All that’s cool.

But what if you need cash NOW?

Inbound takes time and money.

It’s not time efficient.

So we need to look at outbound, because that’s where the money is.

Now, I won’t go deep into sales or how to write cold-mail, how to keep people interested etc.

Let’s talk about the three main bits that you need to have on point.

  • You need your market (whom you’re writing to)
  • You need your message (what you’re writing)
  • And you need your media (where you’re writing)

If you get these right, you’ll get a response, and it’ll be good.

And this applies far and wide beyond freelancing and direct response – pretty much all advertising is based on these three pillars.

So how do we use that?

If you’re a copywriter, we can reasonably assume you know what you’re selling, and what you’re best at writing.

That solves the message part.

Let’s talk about the market.

You don’t want to end up writing for someone who doesn’t even run ads to your copy, that’s a waste of time.

These people are usually broke and likely not going to last very long in business. The few exceptions are those who do high-grade outbound marketing… in which case they don’t need much copy in the first place.

How do you find them?

Very easy. Look at the ads.

If they’re running ads, it means they’re spending money on them.

This means they have money, and they’re using copy…

To put it in simple terms, they’re your best clients, especially when you see their ads multiple times.

So how do you find them?

You can scroll through your newsfeed and see ads, cool, that’s excellent.

But not very efficient.

There used to be a Google Chrome (the Internet Browser) extension called “FadFeed”, that would remove everything but the ads from your facebook feed.

But its developer has since abandoned the project.

Cool. Not cool.

Doesn’t matter.

There’s a new tool available, that lets you see virtually ALL ads on facebook, and actively search through them, by country, keywords, ad type (image, video, etc)…

It does everything.

That tool is AdSpyHub.

So what do you do?

Type in a keyword that is used by your ideal clients (let’s say “investing”, or whatever your niche uses often).

Then choose where you want them to run their ads. The US is an easy choice. Might also look at UK or Canada.

Excellent, what next?

Look at the ads that drive people to take action.

Click the ads.

Read them, look where they lead.

Find who sells the thing.

Find their email or LinkedIn, or even Facebook.

Read up on the offer, what they’re about.

(Only do this after you find their contact information to not waste time in case they’re impossible to reach.)

Then you can either start building a relationship with them…

Or you can go gun-to-the-head.

“Hi, I saw your ad, and I believe I can write a better one.

I’ll write it for you for free, and if it beats your control, I’d like
$0.05 from every name it generates.

Would you be willing to do that?”

Of course, you’ll need to adjust for scope, how big their list is, how much they spend on ads, and it’s highly reliant on their ad targeting…

But if you truly believe you can do better (which in 50% of the cases you can, if you know the very basics of copywriting)…

Do it. Find them, send them a message. Take the shot.

Writing an ad doesn’t take super-massive amounts of time, and it’s an excellent way to get rapid results.

Either way.

The point is, follow the money.

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