My Computer Died...

All my work (up to several weeks back) was lost...

And I had no backups.

Had this happened on Windows, I would have been royally screwed.

There's no good way to recover from that...

Now, I'm not an IT expert, but here's what happened.

My computer froze (I was using it irresponsibly) and I had a power outage.

At the same time.

Ouch, right?

Not so bad at all.

I booted into Windows 10 (which I have alongside my main OS because certain applications still don't work on Debian Linux).

I tried to access the files.

Nope. Entire hard drive's gone.

What do I do?

What do I do?


Oh well...

So I try to boot into Debian again.

It throws me out into a terminal (for you youngsters - text-based environment, command-line).

I log in, it gives me several commands to type in as suggestions.

Great, type them in.

Wait for a few hours for the software to do its entirely automated thing...

Boom, done.

All my stuff works again.


No hassle.

It did take a few hours (I left it to do its thing overnight)...

But imagine this happening on Windows.

You'd have to get an expensive piece of software, and even then recovery would be file-by-file, with little likelihood of success.

Whereas this just fixed it straight up.

All I had to do was log in to a terminal and do what it told me to do.

Simple as that.

What's the lesson here?

Get an operating system that works for you.

I've written about my set-up before.

I run Debian Linux, write everything I can in emacs, and do essentially all of my other work in either Firefox or Gimp.

Yes, I can run Chrome, but it's less useful for me - it doesn't do 'Tree Style Tabs' nearly as well as Firefox does, which is a major drawback, as I do a lot of research.

Spotify works natively, too, so I have ALL of my bases covered.

But the magic happens under the hood...

Linux has support for journaling file systems (the way files are organized on your physical drives) - this means that even when something goes really wrong (as in my case)...

It was able to salvage the situation AUTOMATICALLY.

Something which would be difficult to do on Windows, and would result in high four-figure losses on the work I'd been doing.

Since we're talking about systems... let's talk about money, because why not.

It's not enough to have a good front-end (software, interface) that works for you.

Yeah, it's great you can use Windows and Mac and a few apps.

Don't get me wrong, that's where the bulk of the work is.

At the same time, just as I was able to recover my work with just a few commands, being able to calm down, not freak out about losing everything...

So should you be able to not even be an expert in all the back-end processes, but be competent enough to know how to make things work.

It's easy to make a picture in Photoshop, or use Google Docs on your computer.

But what if you computer fails?

Similarly, it's easy to sell when you have a script, but what if you're not getting calls in in the first place?

You must have an understanding of how things work.

Or at least how to operate them.

Even if you've been running your business for a while, ask yourself: what do you NOT yet know about what you're doing?

How can you learn?

How can you optimize your business with what you know?

Give it some thought - and if you want to chat, discuss and find your blind spots, get in touch!

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