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Attract Psychotherapy Clients with Online Marketing

Go from having few clients to filling your schedule with this simple process!

I never thought I would write this.

Clickbaity. Marketing-y. Hype-y.

But here I am, and I’m going to drop some knowledge.

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[Free Book] Self-Hypnosis Made as Easy as Following a Checklist

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This has been a long time coming. About a year ago, I was still training people in self-hypnosis.

And despite having results, they kept on coming back to ask me about how to do this, or that, or the other thing.

And that’s great. More power to them for sticking with it.

However, I couldn’t charge for that. I mean, often it’d be just writing a paragraph, reminding them of how things work.

So I wrote a book to go with my training business.

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Hypnotist giving suggestions

Hypnosis, Persuasion, and Why You Should Care

You’ve might have heard of  the ongoing scams and exploits in Eastern Europe. There is an increasing number of scammers and con artists using hypnosis.

The Telegraph reported a fairly well known case in London:

“Hypnotist thief puts shopkeeper in trance before robbing him”

This can happen to anyone. While hypnosis and persuasion can serve good, beneficial ends…  they are like a knife,  in that bad people can use them to your disadvantage.

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Reading List – Hypnosis & Hypnotism

If you want to learn hypnosis from all sides that matter, this is The Reading List™.

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