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The Basics of Writing Nobody Told You About

You write. A lot. 

Whether it is on social media, running a blog, responding to work e-mails…

You write.

And chances are, in terms of content, you say everything you want to. It captures and conveys the ideas you have.

But the form is lacking.

Because the truth is, great writing isn’t in the ideas you have. Yeah, they’re crucial, obviously.

But if you write in a way that is boring, unkempt, tedious to read… you can forget about anyone actually engaging.

Here’s a few fundamentals of writing for people.

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Sell Your Dreams

Over the last few months, I’d been struggling with managing my free time.

It was just client-work, lead generation, and then…

I would procrastinate and not do much else.

I’d spend my time on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or watching shows.

I’d regret wasting time.

To change that, I did a little bit of research into how I can manage my time better.

Here’s what I found. 

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Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist… And How To Overcome It

I was recently talking to some writers. Both fiction, web content, and copywriters.

And a constant issue comes up, over and over again.

Writer’s Block.

And every time it does, there’s a massive list of so-called “solutions”.

Running. Taking a break. Meditation. Exercise. Sleep. Have a drink. The list goes on.

But let’s define what writer’s block really is:

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