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This has been a long time coming. About a year ago, I was still training people in self-hypnosis.

And despite having results, they kept on coming back to ask me about how to do this, or that, or the other thing.

And that’s great. More power to them for sticking with it.

However, I couldn’t charge for that. I mean, often it’d be just writing a paragraph, reminding them of how things work.

So I wrote a book to go with my training business.

Then the business faded away from my attention. I pursued better paying gigs.

I had circulated this around reddit (/r/hypnosis) for a while, and thought some of you might be interested in learning this stuff.

Some might say it’s a form of meditation.

I’d rather think of it as an emotional and mental catalyst.

A way of facilitating desirable changes in how you are.

In who you are.

So without further ado, click here to claim your free copy (Google Drive link to a PDF file).

You can download it by clicking the down-arrow on the upper-right corner of the page.

I hope you find it useful.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

Talk soon,