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The result of 15+ years around cults, sects, "secret societies", extensive involvement in hypnosis, hypnotherapy... and lots of self-study on "forgotten" people... now in the hands of sales copywriters worldwide!

"Creates Perfect Spies, Grows Cults, Heals People All Over The World...
Makes Your Copy Work Harder!"

This 'Secret Spice' Of
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Hot from the desk of Phil Daniels,
Somewhere North-East of Warsaw,
Feb 9th 2019

Dear friend and copywriter,

Breaking from hypnotherapy was disgusting. I went into copywriting. Not the greatest, but I'm competent. But I needed something more... something better. In a short time (6 weeks):

  • I went from having problems closing clients... to closing comfortably and easily pretty much overnight.
  • Used the right words, and often their lack to stop clients from messing with my copy, making it worse...
  • And started charging fees I'm actually worth, rather than relying on the generosity of client's budgets.

A return to the old ways. I used these covert methods with and for my clients. Often without them knowing, since that's the point... they're meant to be invisible.

All things hypnotists know... but never speak about.

They turn a blind eye to what's possible, and that's a lot. Here's some things you could instantly (as in apply this for results right now) do with the right information...

  • Bypass reason and intellect entirely... to change the way they think, and motivate them to your own ends
  • Use covert techniques in daily situations, so that you always deliver massive impact... and get more sales as a result!
  • Avoid this common pitfall in editing... and why sometimes more words is better! This adds a new layer of consideration to editing... especially important when writing for VSL's or phone sales scripts
  • Get what you want from almost anyone, anytime, anywhere... and most importantly, in almost any medium. You can text, be on the phone, write a letter, send an email or use these in person
  • Use a quick 2-step framework to turn prospects into buyers smooth and easy... so simple a child could do it!
  • Field-tested-and-proven patterns that have turned smokers into non-smokers, addicts into sobriety evangelists, and anxiety-ridden wallflowers into social butterflies... write more powerful copy that reaches far beyond "tips and tricks" you'll find anywhere else

You wouldn't be amiss to think these things impossible... but it's true!

3 Levels of Hypnotic Amnesia... So Your Readers Forget Everything But Your Sales Message

Declassified CIA documents show it's possible to turn a harmless secretary into a ruthless killer...

Transcript from MORI ID 190691:

Miss [deleted] was then instructed (having previously expressed a fear of firearms in any fashion) that she would use every method at her disposal to awaken Miss [deleted] (now in a deep hypnotic sleep) and failing in this, she would pick up a pistol nearby and fire it at Miss [deleted]. She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to "kill" [deleted] for failing to awaken. Miss [deleted] carried out these suggestions to the letter including firing the (unloaded pneumatic pistol) gun at [deleted] and then proceeding to fall into a deep sleep. After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened and expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence. Miss [deleted] was again handed the gun, which she refused (in an awakened state) to pick up or accept from the operator. She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened.

And going on, the CIA explored the possibility of using random civilians for crime... and it's very likely they're using these exact methods even today...

Avoid Ringing Warning Bells With A Special, Covert Approach...

Transcript from MORI ID 190713:

(...) "Can a subject be hypnotized without his knowledge?" the answer appears to be "yes" under favorable circumstances: disguised induction and a good subject.

(...) suppose that while under hypnosis a subject is told that a loved one's life is in danger from a maniac and that the only means of rescue is to shoot a person designated as the maniac? Three expert practitioners (two from universities and the Agency consultant quoted above) say that there is no doubt on the basis of their experience that in such circumstances murder would be attempted. The only requirement is that the proposal be put "in a form and manner acceptable to the subject." Most modern authorities feel that a subject will carry out any suggestion which he can rationalize within the framework of his moral code.

But it gets even better... these CIA people straight up mock a hypnotist for not knowing what you soon will...

(Currently there is a murder trial in XXXXXXX in which the murderer has been judged to have been under hypnosis at the time of the crime. He has been retried, released and the hypnotist tried and convicted. The case is now under appeal. The comment of the three knowledgeable informants was that the hypnotist must have been a rank amateur to have been found out since any experienced operator would have known how to suggest away the fact that he had arranged the crime.)

As you can see, this is really powerful stuff.

Shape Readers Into Your Perfect Buyer By Reaching Behind Their Daily Masks And Roles...

But hypnotists and hypnotherapists won't admit these things... for many reasons. These range from not knowing, to protecting their image and business, all the way to lying to themselves.

In fact, I have it on good authority that certain 'experts' have their own process of enslaving women they meet...

By reaching beyond the 'masks' and 'roles' they put on in their daily lives. They touch and move emotions, desires, fears and other 'parts' as they please, to shape their subjects into whatever they want...

Just like you can:

  • Effortlessly drive your points home with "Deep Trance Messaging"
  • Make your buyers feel completely comfortable and in tune with your sales message... so they feel as if they've known you for years
  • Control your readers in 6 core ways... and the "Secret Seventh" (hint: it's almost magic)
  • Reach the best 'state' for for any given buyer... so they're receptive and ready to take action when you tell them!

But why would you believe me?

I've done it. I studied hypnosis, became a hypnotherapist by studying from/ with:

  • OMNI HTC -- the largest worldwide hypnosis and hypnotherapy training organizations...
  • Ron Esligner -- the foremost authority on using hypnosis for pain control in surgery and chronic ailments...
  • Roy Hunter -- renowned authority on Ego-state and parts therapy...
  • And many others...

Before that, I was part of several cults which used the same techniques (admittedly under different, "mystical" names)... the same methods Scientology and sects all over the world use, even today!

  • Use the "Yes Set" secret that few know about... completely covertly so that only YOU know what happened!
  • Ask One Single Question to redirect all of your buyer's brainpower from objections... into selling themselves!
  • Literally make Your buyers unable to stop watching Your VSL... by "paralyzing" them in their seat! (okay, okay, this is a joke point, but it is entirely possible to do, even in text)
  • Make them howl in despair to buy Your product by not just scratching their pain-points, but revealing entirely new wounds!
  • Make Your prospects experience almost anything You write as if were really happening with a very simple (but tricky to do right!) 2-step process...
  • And if you go really far, with the right audience... you can give them nearly 'supernatural' experiences

Extra "Oomph"

This is the power You can have.

But look at the hypnotherapist's toolset. Smoking cessation is their bread and butter. Anxiety? Phobias? Gone in the 'blink of an eye'.

Here's the important bit...

  • If I, as a 25 year old talked a 43 year old woman out of her 20-odd year smoking habit...
  • Talked an ex-military gambler out of that and into fixing his family situation...
  • Helped a young woman deathly scared of going outside overcome her fear of cars...
  • Talked the stutter out of a soon-to-be husband for his wedding...

What's to stop You from selling with Your words?

  • Make buyers 'fill in' the pains, wants, problems and desires they need to buy from You...
  • Even use these techniques to fill in for bits of research You'd missed...
  • Hell, You can write neutral words... but still get an emotional response using 'obscure' hypnotic patterns!
  • Build long-term relationships with either of Two Ingenious Ways...
  • Get massive engagement from your best buyers with automatic compliance techniques (especially amazing if You're building a list!)
  • **Multiply emotional intensity with this specific structure... what this means is, just a speck of emotion might be enough for you to get the sale!
  • Create an "existential imperative" for Your prospects to buy... completely covertly!

In fact, people I coached in these techniques closed a total of high 7 figures in 2018!

That's on top of confidently selling conversations... building strong and friendly relationships with their clients... and charging what they're truly worth...

What reasons might you have to get this?...

The Secret Reason Why Hypnotists Say "Sleep"... And How You Can Use This Shortcut To Improve Conversions

  • Extend Your influence over time with "invisible" triggers...
  • Never be left with copy that is awkward, strange, or "off"... I show you the best ways to use these techniques.
  • Examples and video demonstrations of how this translates into neat, flowing copy...
  • Smoother transitions from pre-sell pages and warmer leads with one critical idea that few ever think about...
  • Get Even Better Results By Putting Buyer's Reason & Feelings In Alignment!
  • Use almost any request to put your buyers into a suggestible state... as long as it's impossible!

Give Them A Dopamine Rush!

You can have all that, and more with my Pay Once Get Updates Forever Package.

In fact, as a Free Gift, You get an entire hour of FREE coaching with me ($247 value). I'll answer all your questions, show you how to apply these principles and ideas in your copy, and even help you do it on the call!

Additionally, since this is a new product... if you commit to giving me in-depth, honest feedback, please use the code FEEDBACK on the checkout page for a 50% off discount on your purchase.

And, as part of the package, every single week you'll get an additional video training on the specifics of one or two techniques and how to use them... AND a video Q&A where I answer all your questions!

  • How to use the most powerful hypnotic induction...
  • How to gain first hand experience...
  • What the most important question when doing lead generation is... so your calls and messages always strike at buyers' hearts
  • What hypnotizability is, and what it means for you...
  • How to use "recursion" in your body copy to "turn the heat up"
  • The reason why "instant" and "shock" hypnosis absolutely destroys conversions...
  • How to take charge of the conversation in your prospect's head...
  • How you can ask innocent questions... which generate massive desire for your product!
  • And a lot more...

All of this backed by my iron-clad, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee!

Buy the package. Study it, use it, break it down and analyze it...

And if you're not satisfied, let me know and I'll cheerfully return your money. If you're not happy, I don't want it!

And you keep full access to the training anyway, as thanks for giving it a try!

That's ZERO risk to you... there's literally no more I can do to stack this offer more in your favor.

This is NOT a subscription. You pay once, and you get more and more dragon-treasure level value every week.

No hidden fees, no B.S. As I add more to the membership site, the price goes up (it's already jumped from $197 to $397 in the first weeks!). This means the earlier you secure your access, the cheaper this is.

Now, you have three options:

  1. You can ignore this offer, go about your life, as you would. And when (not if – but when) you realize how badly you missed out, you'll have all the regrets in the world about this exact moment. The price goes up regularly... as does the value of the package.

  2. You can get the package, study it, analyze it, and if you find it wanting and not satisfactory within 2 months -- I'll immediatetly return your money. No questions asked, no B.S. If you're not happy with it, as I said, I don't want it. But you're still clearly an action-taker, so you get to keep the entire package, too!

  3. You can get the package, and instead of mulling over it... put it to work. Pick one of dozens of simple techniques and use it. Run some split-tests. Use it in cold-mail, autoresponders, opt-in pages, headlines... strategy calls... and you will get astonishing results. And the more of these 'invisible' techniques you use at once, the more powerful the effect is!

But Consider... What Reasons Might You Personally Have To Get This...?

Best regards,
Phil Daniels

P.S. The worst possible outcome for you is that you 'store' your money in this investment, and then cash out with no loss to you before 60 days.

I earnestly do invite you to try it out, ask some questions, see if this is something you're interested in. You get all the techniques, methods, explanations and training you could ever need, delivered every week on a silver platter.

And if you don't like it -- so what? Just message me before 60 days, and you get a full unconditional refund ASAP. And you keep your access!

I literally cannot stack this offer any more in your favor. In fact, I believe this is so one-sided, safe, easy and effective, that you'd have to be crazy not to try this for yourself.

PPS. In fact you can use these same techniques in your personal life too... calm down the missus, build rapid friendships, deepen emotional bonds, and get what you want.

After all, everything you could ever want someone else already has... and they'll give it to you if you ask nicely!

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